SteveWrightGibcoImage“Gibco has done almost all of our on-road hauling for the last several years. If it is one truck, or 25;┬áhere in Bradley County, or 300 miles away in another state; they show up, do their work in a timely and professional manner, and with a sense of urgency. That is all I can ask for.”

Stephen D. Wright
President, American Road & Transportation Builders Association
President, Wright Brothers Construction, Inc.


“Gibco Construction, LLC is the DBE trucking firm on the Corridor-X Project. The single largest ALDOT project awarded – $168.6 Million. They have been the best trucking firm I have dealt with. Their paper work is always in order with Certified Payrolls (audited monthly by ALDOT), insurance, etc. They have great equipment that is well maintained and always running. Solvency, a typical concern with some sub-contractors, has never been an issue. They pay their bills, and their people, on time.

“We chose this firm for the Corridor-X Interchange at I-65 based on the recommendation from another large contractor.”

Bryan Warrick
Project Manager, Corridor-X
Archer Western Contractors, LLC